Kerry took a debilitating fear of speaking and built a two-decade Emmy Award-winning career as a television news anchor and host in the apex market of New York City. She teach corporations, business executives, and teams struggling to grow on social media to create engaging content that attracts followers, leads, & revenue. Her proprietary national research study centers on “The Relatability Index” and the importance of being relatable in business, life and leadership communications. Using her trademarked ranking system, “The Relatability Index”, Kerry shares humorous, real-life stories, showcase “Relatability Index” characteristics, show you how you rank, and gives practical, immediately implementable advice to improve.

Kerry is preeminent advisor to top Fortune 100 companies in media training and on-camera readiness for a broad spectrum of situations ranging from formal talks, media interviews to everyday sales pitches over Zoom. She offers a unique perspective as someone who has 25 years of experience in front of the camera. Kerry’s specialty is teaching people how they can become relatable to their audiences and make that genuine connection. She helps people feel confident, sincere and energetic, yet relaxed on-screen.”


  • Overcoming Fear (Especially as it relates to public speaking)
  • How To Pitch TV Media

Featured Topics

 “The Relatability Index”

Learn from Emmy Award-Winning Anchor, Kerry Barrett, as she shares the story of how she went from plummeting ratings, to an Emmy on her desk – by learning the secret behind the lens. In the cut throat business of television, if you don’t adapt you die. You have to adapt yearly, weekly, even hourly. Kerry was almost another failed statistic, until one news story forced her to come off script and forever changed the way she showed up on camera and off. What she learned about relatability changed the course of her career, and is now being taught to thousands of people in businesses all over the world. This secret helped her connect with her audience on a massive scale on camera and off, and will help you go from obscurity to authority. Not only will you learn how to use video to leverage your visibility in a way that puts you ahead of your competition – but you will learn how to take those same skills off camera in your live interactions.

Kerry has spent years researching human behavior and creating a strategy that she has used with corporations and executives and their teams to become more relatable and therefore, influential. In a world where authenticity is your greatest asset, Kerry shaves years off your learning curve, by boiling it down to something you can put into play immediately. The world has changed drastically and rapidly over the past few years. But there is one thing that doesn’t change – how you show up in a meaningful way. Your ability to connect on an authentic level is your competitive advantage, and yet many people aren’t paying attention to this skill set. Learn the characteristics of relatability, what they are, why they’re important, take your own Relatability Index quiz, find out where you land on the index, what that means, and how you can improve. Kerry will show you that magical place of connection that exists outside the script you are following – and helps you lead between the lines.

  • How To Use the Undervalued Element of Relatability to Influence, Get Employee Buy-In, and Lead
  • What The Emotional and Leadership Traits of Relatability Are
  • Measure Your Own “Relatability Index” and what it means
  • Learn How to Improve Your Score

Taking Risk: A How-To for Personal Growth

Description: Drawing from her own experiences, going into an on-camera career with a debilitating fear of speaking, leaving a lucrative and glamorous TV career in NYC, and starting a business with zero business experience, Kerry deciphers the mindset, method and meaningful motivation to take difficult and scary, but calculated risk as a vehicle to personal and/or professional growth. For audiences, Kerry answers these thought-provoking and life-changing questions: how does risk influence personal development, how to build confidence and develop new skills, and how risk develops a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  • The Mindset Required To Make Calculated Risk Part of Your Personal Growth
  • How To Take Risk In Life
  • How To Evaluate Risk
  • How To Implement

What People Are Saying

Principal Attorney

Kerry came to speak to our industry association about on-camera communication. The world was going online and little did we know or understand how much we would rely on the camera lens for… almost everything. I walked away understanding how to leverage the lens for visibility, client acquisition, media opportunities and everything in between. Kerry had the entire audience energized, on their feet, laughing and learning. Highly recommend her to any audience!

VP of Distribution

We hired Kerry to speak at our three-day sales kick-off event. She did one keynote, “The Relatability Index” and two breakout sessions. Not only did we walk away with practical, thought-provoking new ideas, this is the first time, in all of our events, we’ve seen a keynote speaker get a standing ovation! Kerry is engaging, energetic and has the crowd literally hanging on her every word. We extended her speaking time on the spot because people were so engaged. We can’t wait to have her speak at our other events.


Kerry is an amazing person and speaker who loves helping, guiding, inspiring and entertaining people around the world. Her energy lights up the room and she is an all-around pleasure to work with. It’s a privilege to attend one of her speaking events and to work with her.


The world has changed drastically over the past few years. Virtual has become the norm, and the rules change almost daily. It can be frustrating and exhausting to keep up with all the terminology like shorts, reels, and the new social channels that pop up when we aren’t looking. But there is one thing that doesn’t change – how you show up in a meaningful way. Your ability to connect on an authentic level is your competitive advantage.

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“John’s unique perspective on empathy helps you identify customer needs that you didn’t even know existed.”

Regional Director of Sales


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