Wade Younger, MBA, CSP, a charismatic and engaging storyteller, is the COO of BSI Solutions, a consultancy focused on designing comprehensive strategies to help mid-size and large companies, and governmental agencies, to assist them to take advantage of the most advanced technologies coming to market, such as Blockchain, AI and virtual reality.

In the past 20 years, Wade has given over 1,900 talks, so he is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on technology implementation and organizational transformation. He has been teaching, lecturing, and consulting since 1990, and is known for his approaches to difficult leadership issues. His stories are hypnotic. His methods are about results.

In 2011 Younger created The Value Wave, a methodology that connects Technology, with Human Capital Development, Business Processes, Change Management, and Agile Best Practices to drive results in all areas of a sustainable business. Technologies like Blockchain, AI and virtual reality was later added to this Integrated Business Performance System to shift entire organizations.

In 1990, Younger founded Fruition Consulting Inc. to focus exclusively on IT project management and organizational wellness issues. His research is documented in two major studies: “Structural Piloting,” and “The Internal Economy, A Market Approach.” Younger has implemented Structural Piloting in several diverse corporate and public-sector organizations. In the 23 years that followed, Wade went on to write several books.

Often known as “Coach,” Wade has encouraged organizations to become masters over what holds them back to reach their goals through technology and business transformation.

Featured Topics:

The Value Wave

Our society has concluded that the way to become a world-class organization is to create superior process performance. That is what ensures better-quality products and services for customers, and this is why so many companies have turned to Six Sigma. However, Six Sigma practitioners have long struggled with showing people how to change their culture. That is where The Value Wave comes in.

The Value Wave is a universal tool to integrate organizational development methodologies and business transformation tools with one solitary purpose, to improve business performance. This simultaneous migration of people, process, and technology is designed to accomplish strategic and financial goals.

  • Strategically align processes to drive your organization’s goals
  • Develop compelling business cases for investment skill-building
  • Create a comprehensive business management system for learning
  • Execute the business strategies with discipline and precision

The Ultimate Comeback Victory

How does a boy who was abused from the age of 4 to 13 become a business owner, multi-millionaire? Put another way, how can a childhood of horror turn into a life of service and abundance? In two words, resilience, and grit. Wade Younger, founder and former C.E.O of Fruition Consulting share his journey of lost and found.  He will answer the question, are we born with toughness, and fortitude or can it be developed?  The Ultimate Comeback Victory is a keynote that show every listener where they can find drive, hope and inspiration. This from the heart, to the heart talk will leave you inspired, motivated and absolutely laser focus ready to overcome and win. Learn how to be forever strong!

  • Learn the principles of the slingshot
  • Discover your personal truth
  • How to focus on what (actually) matters to grow
  • The importance of a You vs. You attitude in reaching your full potential

Leading Change & Motivation!

Since nothing stays the same, how do you adapt to a changing future. The purpose of every business, large and small, is to get and keep customers, to do it well and to do it every day.  This keynote is designed to help you succeed in these challenging times by discovering a simple way to enjoy, transform and win!

  • Understand your organization ‘s response to change
  • Learn how to recognize the different types of change
  • Be prepare yourself and others for change
  • Ensure cooperation by building teamwork

Selling with Buyochemistry

Buyochemistry is a keynote which analyzes what makes people buy. Understand what people really want. Discover how to optimize your brand, based on the latest neuroscience.  This presentation identifies the factors that influence buyers’ decisions in a world cluttered with messages.  Through a study of the human psyche, understand the subconscious mind and its role in deciding what the buyer will buy.

  • Why do people buy?
  • What is the secret formula to generating revenue?
  • Why your brand was rejected or accepted?
  • What triggered the decision in favor of your competitor?

Org Shift – The Great Blockchain Transformation

The decentralization of the world economy is here. Are you ready?

The blockchain is about to change everything. Wade Younger is a master at explaining depth and complexity. He demonstrates how the blockchain technology will eradicate the need for centralized institutions to facilitate trade. Centralization is out while distributed is in. Black box transactions are out, while transparency is in. Directed and dependent trading is out, while autonomous is in.

This ground shifting keynote will cover:

  • An understanding of blockchain
  • An appreciation for this cutting-edge technology
  • Profound understanding of what blockchain and is its potential global impact
  • Learn why blockchain is referred to as the “internet of money”
  • Business applications of blockchain technology
  • Recognize the opportunities in the blockchain business landscape

Change, Challenge, and Innovation – The continuation of the human experience

Companies today need effective management, hungry leads, and individual contributors with innovative mindsets to get projects done. While professionals with functional and technical skills are valued, those with innovation skills are emerging as the most sought-after talent in today’s hyper-competitive age. When you think about it, it’s always been that way.

Change, Challenge and Innovation, the continuation of the human experience is a practical, inspiring, and highly interactive personal development session, that makes the audience ready for global innovation.

Wade Younger shares powerful tools and strategies to help you and your colleagues hone your ability to seize emerging opportunities, develop new revenue sources, add value, and create unconventional solutions.

This comprehensive Master Class keynote covers:

  • Leverage Blockchain, AI and Virtual Reality technologies to manage innovation
  • Develop a variety of concepts, products, & services
  • Optimize the ability to innovate
  • Develop advanced brainstorming
  • Use diverse ideas of innovation
  • Connect with customers and end-users by targeting their actual requirements

Technology Intent – A key to Business Transformation

Businesses today are often caught in the past, using traditional outdated approaches to design their growth strategies. These methods are not suited to the dynamic, fast-paced environment that characterizes markets today. This keynote presents a proven framework, the innovative process, that will move you beyond traditional approaches and allow you to see opportunities others ignore, challenge dogma others accept as truth, rally resources others cannot influence, to unleash new strategies that will disrupt your market. By understanding the trends of the future, you can make better decisions for your career, and your business today.

Since it’s up to you to adapt to new conditions and use these trends to our advantage, this is what you will learn:

  • Learn to use 540 Innovative Thinking
  • How technology will have a dramatic impact on your business and the world
  • How the business landscape is changing
  • How human society is shifting because of technology and the main implications
  • What you can do to maximize your chances of success
  • Be more innovative and strategic in your business thinking
  • Learn the keys to new disruptive growth ideas

What people are saying…

Myra Zabec Thompson, City of Charlotte

Today, we have a very high-performing team. We enjoy high morale and little turnover. I don’t believe that would be the case without Wade’s influence and insight.

Jim Benton, North Carolina College System

Wade has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience due to his high level of self-awareness, perception, and eloquence. I have never experienced any other speaker prepare for his audience as much as Wade did.

Paula Henderson, Boeing

Wade’s insight into his client’s needs, coupled with his strong desire to help people advance in all facets of their lives, shines through when he speaks to an audience. He is an excellent communicator and a strong speaker.


Improve business performance through migration of people, process, and technology designed to accomplish strategic and financial goals.

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Wade's Expertise

Business Acceleration - 100%
Innovative Thinking - 100%
Change Leadership - 100%
Organizational Development - 100%
Performance Development - 100%

Today, we have a very high-performing team. We enjoy high morale and little turnover. I don’t believe that would be the case without Wade’s influence and insight.

Myra Zabec Thompson, City of Charlotte


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