Wade Younger is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on organizational development and process improvement through innovative thinking. He is the author of numerous books and insight publications, CEO of The Value Wave, and Guest Lecturer at Cornell University.

Wade has delivered more than 2,000 keynotes around the world addressing audiences of all sizes. His stories are hypnotic. His methods are about results.

As a technology solutionist, disruption strategist and innovation expert, Wade has developed solutions, managed their implementation, designed methodologies and executed enterprise deployment plans for many of the leading organizations of our time. Wade uses his experience as a certified IT project manager (PMP) and certified scrum master (CSM) to lead challenging projects.

As an acclaimed consultant and trusted advisor, Wade is known for his approaches to difficult leadership issues.

Often known as “Coach,” Wade has encouraged others to become masters of their destiny through the art of achievement and innovative thinking. Corporations and participants in his sessions have generated millions of dollars in sales and counting because of his mastery of motivation and his vast business expertise.

Wade is currently working on his new book Think About What You Think About.

The Rising Impact of AI on People and Professions

In an unprecedented era, people have become increasingly focused on the tools at their disposal like never before. However, it’s not the tools that guarantee our success, but our willingness to use them and to use them efficiently.

Contrary to popular fears, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not entail a job apocalypse; rather, it signifies a paradigm shift in the labor landscape. It is not the AI systems themselves that will usurp our livelihoods, but rather the individuals who possess the tenacity to master these new technologies and wholeheartedly embrace continuous learning that will flourish in the AI-powered era.

The key lies in recognizing that the future belongs to those who skillfully navigate the evolving technological terrain and proactively adapt to its demands. By cultivating a thirst for knowledge and honing their proficiency in utilizing AI, these trailblazers will be the vanguards of a transformed workforce, confidently shaping their destinies amid the ever-changing tides of progress.

Think About What You Think About

When it comes to transformation and creating positive future-focused cultures it all comes down to one thing. The way we think.

Our thoughts create choices. Our choices shape our behavior. This is what leads us to having new experiences. Each experience we gain is associated to an emotion. And our emotions track back to new thoughts. It’s an ever-ending cycle.

Where does your innovative thinking come from?

We have not been taught to think about what we think about. We base our decisions based on our past experiences when what we really need is a map for the future.

Wade challenges the way you think so as to broaden your perspective and develop your innovative thinking by providing you with a practical framework and an inspiring approach that will alter the way you currently think.

The Fuel of the Future is Grit

What is it about people that have willpower? What’s the fuel you can’t see?

The fuel is grit and it’s the fuel of the future.

What makes us high achievers and successful individuals isn’t defined by one single characteristic, however grit has been proven to be one of the most important ones.

Grit has been described as a facet of conscientiousness defined as passion and perseverance for long-term goals.

Grit is not based on IQ and is a quality that can be learned. It involves other qualities such as courage, achievement orientation, endurance, resilience and excellence in place of perfection.

Wade describes grit as an intangible ability to overcoming your mind. Some have it innately, some need to develop it. But it always starts with a thought.

Embark on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and transformation that will enable you to not only empower yourself, but to develop your own unlimited fuel of your future success.

Technology Trends, Implications and Futureproofing your Business

Blockchain, IoT, AI, VR, the metaverse, the sustainability revolution, the shift to new forms of capitalism…what’s next?

Wade Younger talks about the latest technological trends, their impact on organizations, society and human behaviour, and provides a framework to stay sane in an insane, but very exciting world.

How can organizations make the most of recent technological advancements while being ready for the future ones that will be deployed, at what seems to be a blink of an eye?

Staying ahead of the curve and leading disruption requires an eye to the future. It requires ongoing knowledge, preparedness and a process that will allow your organization to adapt and thrive in our constantly changing world.

Change is a fact. Our willingness to transform and adapt will define if our game is up or if we’ll thrive.

The Art of Problem Solving, Risk Taking and Change

The word risk is like a red siren that warns about danger, loss, disgrace, or even death. It’s fearsome because there’s a level of uncertainty in it, where we might face bad consequences if things don’t go smoothly.

Change projects are more likely to meet their objectives when those affected by the change have a clear understanding of what to expect in terms of the project’s goals, logistics, and rewards. It is equally important, however, to prepare the participants for any emotional shifts that might occur in themselves or others as a result of the project.

Change requires time and is perpetual. If rushed, the infrastructure will most likely collapse or best-case scenario the organization will lose its focus and waste valuable time and resources to an unsuccessful endeavour.

This keynote provides a tested and proven practical framework of dealing with change while taking into account the emotional cycle of change that most organizations tend to neglect.

What people are saying…

“Wade speaks from the heart to the heart. I’m a better person and leader because of him.”
Robert Wagner, Platform Leader, Georgia Pacific

“Wade, you are a very personal and energetic speaker. As I sat in the audience, you made us feel as though we were all longtime friends! Your presentation was fun and interactive and left a long lasting impression upon all of us. I heard audience members discussing how they were going to implement the tips and techniques they received from your informative session as they left the banquet hall. We look forward to having you as a continued resource for our events.”
Anthony Phillips, Westinghouse

“Thank you so much for speaking to our group! I had a feeling from meeting you and talking with you, that the presentation would be excellent, but it was even better than expected! You have a real gift for connecting with an audience and getting your message across. I’ve had employees comment to me before about various programs I’ve brought to the company, but this time must have been a record for the number of folks who told me how valuable your talk was and how they might utilize the points you made about innovation the next time they were called upon to make a presentation.”
Lisa Zehr, Director Organizational Excellence, Cornell University

“Wade’s insight into his client’s needs, coupled with his strong desire to help people advance in all facets of their lives, shines through when he speaks to an audience. He is an excellent communicator and a strong speaker.”
Paula Henderson, HR Services Portfolio Manager, Boeing

“Wade, you killed it! What I really appreciated is that it was all useful, amazing, tangible, and inspiring.”
Grace Nasson, Panasonic

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Wade continually reminded attendees that they were at the conference for a reason: their leaders saw value in them, and they should recognize that value. He conveyed the importance of getting rid of unproductive habits that do not support personal needs and goals as well as identifying what needed to be learned to move forward. Wade even scheduled a post-conference check-in call to follow up with attendees on how they’d used some of the skills discussed during the conference….PRICELESS!

Priscilla Nesbitt, Director Purchasing US & Canada, Best Western® Hotels & Resorts


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