As a full-time content creator with almost 400,000 followers and CEO of Video Marketing World, Scott is recognized as an expert at video marketing and creating online communities with video. He is responsible for helping generate hundreds of millions of views and millions of dollars in revenue both personally and for his clients.

Scott has worked with big brands, such as Amazon, HEB, Mattel, VTech and many others, and he has been featured in CBS Money Watch, San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Daily News and the Boston Globe.

Featured Topics:

The Future of Video in Marketing

With video now making up over 80% of all internet traffic, by some reports, what is the future of video on the internet? How will companies stay on top of video marketing when all of their competition is fighting for the same exposure. In this industry disruptive keynote, Scott discusses where video is heading in this new decade and how to stay competitive without increasing your marketing budget.

Why YouTube Should Be at the Center of Your Marketing Strategy and How to Rapidly Grow Your Channel

Every social media platform is a little different. They all require some level of effort, but where should you be putting your focus? In this powerful keynote, Scott will tell you exactly why YouTube should be your primary focus and how to build a successful following of paying customers very quickly.

What People are Saying…

Reality Founder

Wise beyond his years, Scott is a terrific storyteller and an engaging speaker with a contagious uplifting attitude.

Ph.D. Student in Management

I am so thankful for his willingness to help this then unknown author and speaker — which shows a lot about his character and persona.

Business Builder

Scott’s presentation was great.. He delivered it with a high level of quality and creativity. Will use again and would highly recommend him for your speaking or creative writing needs.

Quote:  I would rather spend my time engaging with people who are uplifting and motivated.

Life is too short. There are social platforms conducive to developing healthy mindset habits.

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Video Marketing - 100%
Marketing Strategy - 100%
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Social Media - 100%
Business Growth - 100%

Wise beyond his years, Scott is a terrific storyteller and an engaging speaker with a contagious uplifting attitude.

Reality Founder



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