Put the AWE in Your Awesome Life with Wade Tower! With a voice as velvety as silk and a heart brimming with boundless enthusiasm, Wade Tower has truly mastered the art of infusing awe into every facet of existence. A maestro of captivating audiences, Wade’s extraordinary singing and motivational prowess shine like a beacon.

From the very instant Wade steps onto the stage, an enchanting tapestry unfolds. Seamlessly intertwining light-hearted humor, timeless melodies, and a resounding message of empowerment, he leaves his audience not just inspired but truly uplifted.

Yet, Wade’s influence transcends the stage. As an inspirational speaker, he embarks on this journey with fervent determination. His zeal is palpable as he imparts profound insights into the indomitable force of self-belief and the alchemical power of self-love. With every word, he reignites the awareness that within each individual resides untapped reservoirs of strength and untamed capability. Wade’s unshakable conviction reverberates as he reminds us that the belief others have in us emanates from the wellspring of confidence we nurture within ourselves.

In a world at times overshadowed by negativity, Wade Tower emerges as a luminary of joy, an inspiration, and an unwavering font of positivity. Through his mesmerizing performances and resounding messages, he rekindles our appreciation for life’s splendor, teaches us to confront obstacles with grace, and urges us to revel unapologetically in the sheer elation of being alive.

Featured Topics

Realizing the Awe in Your Life

Believing in yourself, you have much more power than you think you have. What if there was someone that loved you so much that made you love yourself?  You are the only confidence that others have.  You have the ability to do whatever you think.  Enjoying the Heck out of life.

Adversity or struggles we feel buried by are often the very conditions we need for growth. Nor that we should seek to attract a life free of it, but that we become our best self – purpose-driven, strong, compassionate, and wise.

  • How to experience transformation to embrace life
  • Move confidently towards a balanced and fulfilled existence
  • Enjoy rich and meaningful growth

Attributes of an AWEsome Leader

Debate continues to rage around the world on the great philosophical question – are leaders born or made? Behavioral theories suggest it can be learned, and yet, experience teaches us that learned skills are simply not enough if true excellence is the goal. A combination of skill and character is essential for true influence to be realized in leadership. Wade reveals exactly what the outcomes are, and they are transformative!

  • As a collective, we are strong enough, big enough, and powerful enough to deal with whatever is thrown our way.
  • Confront personal change
  • We must learn how to appreciate the tough stuff
  • As a collective, we are strong enough, big enough, and powerful enough to deal with whatever is thrown our way.

Being the Best You in the Team
Bringing Out the Awesome in Others

At the heart of organizational growth and transformation lies a compelling vision for meaningful change. But it’s always met with a problem. People don’t like change. In fact, not only do they not like it – they resist it.

This keynote speech addresses a fundamental issue met by so many and provides a time-tested solution – a model for meaningful change that helps people recognize the need for change and importantly, feel a true sense of urgency for it! It leads them to establish strong and guiding coalitions where influence can be felt and shared. It reveals the pitfalls of typical communication problems in sharing vision and how to avoid them, instead, communicating vision and strategy with clarity and conviction. Critically, Wade teaches here how to create a lasting culture that reflects and strengthens the new, transforming business. We all want growth and meaningful change – but we also want it to stick! This keynote shows you how it’s done.

  • The main challenges most companies face in creating meaningful change
  • This model is all about leadership
  • The rate of environmental movement in business is only going to increase over time, along with the pressure for organizations to change

What People Are Saying

Corporate Event Planner

I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from the ones who were there, including an appreciation for your ‘clean’ humor and how you rolled with the audience.  I haven’t laughed that hard for quite a while.

Debbie, Fundraising Gala

You were a Hit! Everyone loved your singing. Please pencil in next year!

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“FYI, it is over a month after our event, and people are still talking about you and your band. Everyone loves the music and we can’t thank you enough for making our gala the best ever!”

Executive Director


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