Meet Matt Mueller, a globally recognized keynote speaker, consultant, columnist, coach, and the best-selling author of “The Mindful Innovator,” operating within the dynamic landscape of retail innovation.

Starting as a part-time deli associate, Matt’s journey led him to establish a retail innovation team for a national brand. He astutely identified the challenges posed by evolving market conditions, such as technological advancements, competition, and shifting priorities, impacting decision-making processes.

Cutting through the complexities, Matt clarified his company’s needs, implementing concepts that yielded increased sales, reduced costs, elevated customer satisfaction, and decreased employee turnover. This transformative journey, marked by valuable lessons, reached a turning point during a serendipitous encounter with a monk in the heart of Manhattan.

Post-monk meeting, Matt Mueller has emerged as a global keynote speaker, best-selling author, columnist for Innovation Leader, mindfulness instructor on Insight Timer, and a distinguished RETHINK Retail Top Retail Expert, collaborating with major retail and CPG brands globally.

Juggling various roles, Matt’s overarching goal is to guide retail leaders in gaining clarity for effective decision-making and purposeful innovation. With over a decade of experience in product and service innovation, he has unraveled profound insights, executed strategies, and driven transformative change in industries resistant to evolution.

Challenging the conventional culture of innovation, Matt emphasizes that innovation isn’t merely about “disrupting before being disrupted.” Instead, he advocates for the power of mindfulness in accelerating purposeful innovation when we take the time to slow down. His innovative spirit transcends his professional life, manifesting in a personal quest to explore new experiences, diverse cultures, and the most scenic locations for mindful reflection.

Finding Purposeful Growth with Mindful Innovation

Matt challenges the status quo of innovation. Where others look to disrupt, Matt inspires teams to discover innovative solutions that have an immediate impact.

  • Innovation is not about “Innovating or Dying”
  • Innovation all starts with the company culture: Purpose, Practicality, Participation
  • Researching innovation in 4000 B.C. (e.g., Potters Wheel, Wheelbarrow, etc.) illuminates three key variables to ALL innovation: Real Problems, Change that Improves, and Acceptance
  • How to use meditation and visualization to unlock innovation obstacles

Practical Mindfulness Tips for Radical Results

The powerful practice of mindfulness creates productive, highly engaged teams. Matt shares his techniques that anyone can use to find more calm and clarity in their lives so they can focus on delivering radical results.

  • How to apply mindfulness to your life immediately
  • Meditation can remove your own bias
  • Visualization techniques that will unlock innovation obstacles 

Defining Your Innovation Success with Purpose

Matt helps organizations find clarity in their vision and goals so they can build stronger strategies to grow the business purposefully.

  • Innovation all starts with the company culture
  • Purpose is the foundation of highly successful programs
  • Defining your staircase that brings you to the moon

Tapping into Your Inner Child to Big Time Results

Matt helps organizations find clarity in their vision and goals so they can build stronger strategies to grow the business purposefully.

  • Creativity is a top ten skill needed in business today
  • Find out what stops you from being creative
  • Supercharge your creativity with easy exercises

What people are saying..

Racheal Zucker, Sr Mgr Innovation
“Matt possesses a unique ability to bring tranquility to the turbulent and ever-changing world of innovation. Matt also has an unwavering authenticity to him that is wonderful to be around. His consistent kind and calm demeanor, in spite of the chaotic environment of innovation, are inspirational.”

Raj Kapur, CEO &Marketing
“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt. Beyond being a highly qualified, he has the rare insights into business context. I’d be happy to recommend Matt and look forward to working with him in the future”

With just a little bit of awareness in each observation, each conversation and each moment we can create great change in this world.

There is one word that can make consumers clamor, manipulate stock markets, and excite employees to come to work—Innovation. It has grown in popularity over the last half-century with over 2,000 books and reports arising annually. Philosophies and frameworks are released faster than iPhone models. And mantras like “innovate or die” and “fail fast” are pounded into company cultures. It is an arms race to get ahead. But what does innovation mean in these days of a post-COVID world, where results are needed instantaneously?

Companies today move at high speeds innovating just for the sake of innovating, generating concepts that have us scratching our heads in frustration, rather than focusing on creating strategic change. Matt Mueller’s The Mindful Innovator deploys awareness to uncover the secret formula to business success.

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Productivity - 100%
Strategy - 100%
Mindfulness - 100%
Leadership - 100%
Creativity - 100%

“Matt is so innovative! He brings structure. But his mindful and calm presence helps inform better decisions! We're lucky to have worked with him.”

Alejandra JaramilloBrand Communication Manager


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