Tahra Millan is an accomplished behavior change strategist and marketer, renowned for her ability to curate and execute transformational campaigns, programs, events, and teams for experience-based brands. With over two decades of experience driving change and innovation for commercial theatrical entertainment and not-for-profit cultural arts, Tahra has earned a reputation for excellence and impact.

Throughout her career, Tahra has collaborated with some of the most prestigious arts brands and organizations, including Blue Man Group, the American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards, and the Broadway League. Her expertise has been instrumental in shaping the direction and success of these organizations, allowing them to connect with audiences in new and meaningful ways.

As a passionate advocate for the arts and entertainment industry, Tahra has also shared her expertise with the next generation of leaders. She served as an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, where she co-designed a course on arts and entertainment marketing, inspiring and guiding future professionals to make their own impact in the industry.

Tahra’s unwavering commitment to innovation and transformation has earned her numerous accolades and recognition as a thought leader in her field. Her work continues to shape the direction of the arts and entertainment industry.

Tahra holds a B.F.A. in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and an M.A. from the Program in Arts Administration at Teachers College, Columbia University. Tahra brings a unique combination of skills in public speaking, creative writing, and mindfulness practice to her work. She resides in the metro New York area.

Featured Topics:

“Failing Forward: Discovering the Joy in Failure”

This talk will explore how to reframe failure as a positive and transformative experience. Through personal anecdotes and research, we will examine the benefits of failure, and how to embrace it as a valuable learning opportunity.

  • Failure is a natural part of the learning process and should be celebrated as an opportunity to grow and learn from mistakes.
  • By reframing our perspective on failure, we can reduce fear and anxiety, and instead focus on the joy of exploration and discovery.
  • Developing resilience in the face of failure requires a growth mindset.

Empowering Professional Women: Mastering the Art of Communication

This interactive session delves into the importance of training and supporting “women on the rise” and bolstering the representation of women in leadership roles. Through executive communications training, professional development programs, and mentorship initiatives, organizations can pave the way for a robust pipeline of capable women leaders, enriching decision-making processes with diverse viewpoints. This session highlights the transformative power of gender diversity, emphasizing how it nurtures a vibrant and inclusive workspace, fostering innovation, creativity, and effective problem-solving. Attendees will gain insights into the profound influence that empowered women leaders wield as role models, inspiring future generations to shatter barriers, set ambitious goals, and pursue their own journeys towards impactful leadership.

  • Empowering Women’s Leadership Through Skills Development: the importance of practical actions to bridge the gender leadership gap.
  • Enhancing Innovation Through Gender Diversity: The outline emphasizes that gender diversity contributes to a broader range of perspectives, experiences, and ideas in the workplace.
  • Cascading Impact of Women’s Success: highlights the significance of women’s achievements in driving societal progress.

How to manage Change

Goleman’s study of 200 companies revealed that EQ accounts for 66% of a candidate’s performance difference between individuals. Essentially, candidates with higher EQs would perform better than candidates with a high IQ, even if their technical skills were not at the same level, compared to their smarter counterparts.

What is change management? Change management is the process for designing and implementing a process of transformation toward strategic objectives. Despite decades of study of change management and transformational process, most organizations are bad at it. At a personal level, some 90% of change efforts fail, and when it comes to organizations implementing a change management process, 70% of change efforts fail to meet their objectives.

  • Understand the process of change
  • How to be a catalyst for change
  • Ask questions that focus on teams and promote “groupthink”
  • Onboarding and promoting talent

Mastering the Art of Communication

In this talk, we will explore three essential aspects of communication: crafting a powerful professional introduction, understanding social styles to connect with your audience, and formulating an effective message on any topic. By the end of this session, you will have the tools to leave a lasting impression and build strong connections in any professional setting.

  • Crafting a powerful introduction: Why a strong introduction matters
  • Know your audience: How to connect with your clients and colleagues
  • Secret to great messaging: Creating unforgettable presentations

Art of Flipping Your Switch

Purpose is not this elusive thing. It is deeply connected to every area of your life and your disconnection from it is what is causing your exhaustion, unhappiness, and hindering you from where you want to go and who you want to be. This talk will transform your personal & professional life and will build momentum for the rest of your life and success. You’ll leave with new tools to flip your switch.

  • The cause of burnout and how to identify it
  • Learn the 6 pillars of purpose
  • How to overcome burnout & start living your purpose today

What people are saying..

“Tahra is a great leader, a problem-solver, and brings expertise and creativity to every project. She is a true professional and an excellent listener; she is someone you can trust from the moment you meet her.”
Entertainment General Management

“Regardless of where your career ends up (in marketing or not), I think anyone that gets the opportunity to work and learn from Tahra in any capacity will find the experience rewarding.”
Paramount Global Executive

“No more holding back and playing small to the world. Now it’s time to give back to our shared empowerment.”
-Tahra Millan

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